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smart fortwo – luggage compartment
smart – universal smartphone cradle

Universal smartphone cradle.

Keep an eye on your smartphone and your hands on the steering wheel: the clever smartphone cradle holds almost any smartphone securely in the driver’s field of vision. And you can swivel your mobile phone by 90°. In addition, the cradle has a USB charging point.

smart - velour mats

Velour floor mats.

Elegant, high-quality tufted velour mats, with embroidered smart lettering. e.g. driver and front passenger mat.

smart - all-weather floor mats

All-weather floor mats.

Robust, washable synthetic mats, designed for heavy use. Contemporary design with recessed areas and raised edge. Featuring the distinctive smart logo. e.g. driver and front passenger mat.

smart - ribbed floor mats

Ribbed floor mats.

Durable, extremely hardwearing needle felt mats, with embroidered smart lettering. e.g. driver and front passenger mat.

smart door sills

Door sills.

Make a perfect first impression: door sills in brushed aluminium with embossed smart lettering.

smart - boot tub

Boot tub, shallow.

The waterproof, non-slip material protects the luggage compartment lining from wet, dirt and wear.

smart - reversible mat

Reversible mat.

The reversible mat has a high-quality velour side and a non-slip side. It helps keep the original floor of the boot clean.

smart - coolbag



For cool drinks in a smart design: The coolbag with a fabric covering can be connected to the 12V socket and has a capacity of 12 litres. An optional power converter is available for the coolbag for convenient pre-cooling at home via connection to a 230V socket.

smart - luggage fastener

Luggage fastener.

The foam-filled elastic nylon snake adapts perfectly to the shape of the luggage and can be secured with a Velcro fastener, ensuring that everything remains securely in place during braking and cornering.

smart - luggage net

Luggage net.

Prevents light objects from sliding around during your journey. The net is fastened to the luggage compartment floor with Velcro without additional attachment points.



smart fortwo - exterior


smart - rims

Tyre pressure gauge.



smart - safety accessories

smart – charger with trickle charge function

Charger with trickle charge function.

smart - child seats

BABY-SAFE plus II child seat.

smart - exchangeable cover for head part

Exchangeable cover for head part.

Available for the BABY-SAFE plus II, DUO plus and KIDFIX child seats in flannel grey and chilli red.


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